Bethenny's Halloween Treats

Quick & Easy Halloween Treats

I love Halloween! It’s one of the most fun holidays, and a great time to be really creative with food. But as a mom, I understand time can be an issue, so I came up with these quick and easy ideas for delicious Halloween treats. You can probably make all of these with things you already have in your kitchen.

1. Spiderweb Mock-a-Mole

Whip up my low-fat mock-a-mole and add sour cream (low-fat or vegan) into a pastry bag or squeeze bottle. Then draw circles on the mock-a-mole with the sour cream. Take a toothpick and drag the sour cream in towards the middle of the circle. Add more sour cream if it looks sparse in places. Serve it with blue tortilla chips, which look festive.

Get creative! I added a ladybug in the middle for decoration by using an olive and a maraschino cherry.

2. Fingers in Dip

Add hummus to a bowl (preferably clear). Take whole carrots, peeled and cut the ends at a diagonal. Cut into the end and push a sliced almond into each to make it look like a finger with a fingernail. Add them to the hummus to look like a hand coming out of the dip. Creepy!

3. Skull Pizza

Buy pizza dough or get an already made frozen or delivered pizza and create a skull shape. You can add a face using vegetables like olives for the eyes and green or red bell peppers for the mouth.

4. Candy Corn Treats

Mix candy corn into the classic crispy rice treat recipe. For a healthier rice crispy, use whole grain rice crispies! So easy!

5. Spooky Cupcakes

Decorate homemade or even store-bought cupcakes with chocolate chips and black rope licorice to look like spiders or other spooky characters.

Do you have any Halloween treats you like to make? Share them with me in the comments.