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Want to be Naturally Thin? Don’t Snack While Cooking

You can eat an entire meal’s worth of food just by nibbling while you cook. Then you sit down to another meal. That’s a heavy habit to break right now.

You need to taste the food you are cooking to make sure it’s good and to adjust seasonings. That’s ok, and a lot different from eating chips and guacamole the whole time you are making enchiladas.

In other words, grazing while cooking is a no-no. Do you need somebody to forbid you to do this? Fine. I hereby forbid you to graze while cooking. You do not need those sneaky, unsatisfying calories that don’t feel as if you ate anything, right before you are about to sit down to a nice meal. Instead, sip a glass of water while you cook.

This is an excerpt from Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, available on

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