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Naturally Thin: Share Your Food

You’ve got a lot of food in front of you, and a lot of people at your table. How do you make the evening more fun, bring everyone together, and limit your portion of food at the same time?

Share your food. Sharing food helps you eat less while allowing you to taste more. Everybody at the table gets to sample more of what a restaurant has to offer. Whenever I order something in a restaurant — salad, appetizer, soup, entrée, even a drink — I always offer a taste of it to whomever I’m with. Sometimes nobody takes me up on the offer to taste what I’ve ordered, but more often than not, people are curious about food and happy to have a taste of what someone else chose. It’s fun to taste a lot of different food. By giving others that opportunity, you become a more interesting dinner companion, and more fun. Sharing fosters a sense of togetherness at the table and helps everybody feel more in tune with everybody else.

You don’t have to be in a big group of people to share. When I go out on a date, for example, we often share, and that makes dinner more of an experience. It usually works like this. Together, we choose a salad, an entrée, an appetizer, and a couple of side dishes. If my date likes steak, I usually just have a couple bites of the steak, and he eats the rest. I love appetizers like crab cakes and calamari, so I usually get one of those. He has a few bites of the appetizer, so I never end up eating the whole thing. We usually split the salad, each eating about half. The side dishes — for example, sautéed mushrooms, broccoli rabe, or a baked potato — we also split, so we both get to fill up on fiber-rich vegetables. If we decide to get a dessert, I take a couple of bites. We don’t always get dessert, but it’s certainly not forbidden. This is just an example of how a date sometimes goes, but do you see how sharing can make a meal more of an event? It can also make a date more intimate or friendly.

The sharing contributes to the feeling of being on a date and nobody feels deprived, but when you add it up, each person actually eats a lot less than they might have. This is the Skinnygirl mentality.

This is an excerpt from Naturally Thin by Bethenny Frankel, available on