carb Bethenny Frankel

Carb Confusion

I tell you to trust your body and tune in to what you really want to eat, but sometimes people tell me they can’t trust their cravings because they’ll just binge on carbs and sugar all day. Some people say that when they eat extreme amounts of carbs, they crave more carbs, and it can trigger a binge.

Before I was naturally thin, I used to eat candy at night, right before I fell asleep. I would wake up wanting something sweet for breakfast, like a muffin or frozen yogurt. If this is you, you don’t have to give up carbs. In fact, I think refusing to eat carbs is ridiculous, and lower carb diets are unhealthy. Instead, just remember that you personally need to go easy on the carbs (so-called good carbs as well as so-called bad carbs) and make sure you have some protein along with anything sweet or starchy.

Some ideas:

– Mix a teaspoon of mini chocolate chips into Greek Yogurt
– Have peanut or almond butter with your apple, crackers, or whole wheat toast
– Have milk or yogurt with your cereal
– Have a small handful of dark chocolate almonds

Protein with your carbs will help keep your blood sugar more level, so you don’t have a crash and end up eating everything the house later.

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