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Bethenny’s Bites: Seafood

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know it all – but I do know food. I’ve traveled around the country (and the world) just to get a good meal. I mean, I produce a show called Food Porn – and if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

People often ask me for restaurant recommendations in NYC and beyond, so I’m sharing some of my favorites in a little something I like to call “Bethenny’s Bites.” This is only the best of the best – worth every mile, every penny, and every bite.

I love seafood because it’s a good source of protein with a huge variety of flavors. It’s also loaded with minerals and good fats that make it a good investment. Whether you’re craving crab cakes, lobster rolls, or something a little fresher, I’ve got you covered.

Here are a few of my favorite seafood finds:

Crab Cakes | The Old Homestead (Atlantic City, NJ)

I like to make my own crab cakes because it’s easy and significantly reduces the fat content – but every once in awhile, you’ve gotta treat yourself to the real deal. The crab cakes at The Old Homestead are beyond. They’re made with big pieces, barely sticking together – and definitely not mushy. The classic remoulade sauce is the perfect finishing touch.

Runner-Up: Gibson’s Steakhouse (Chicago, IL)

Lobster Roll | Nantucket, MA

When I visited Nantucket this summer, I ate lobster rolls like it was my job. I can’t even pick a favorite. From the buttery pieces of lobster to the thick, toasted bread, let’s just say that people in Nantucket know their shiz.

Rock Shrimp | Nobu

Rock shrimp is the best of both worlds: the firm texture of lobster with the sweeter flavor of shrimp. And nobody does it like Nobu. You can go indulgent with their rock shrimp tempura, which comes with an amaze creamy spicy sauce, or keep it fresh with rock shrimp served on limestone lettuce.

Fried Shrimp | East Hampton Grill (The Hamptons)

Aside from New Orleans, the fried shrimp at East Hampton Grill are as good as it gets. They’re crisp and have the perfect balance of flavor – plus they’re served in an oyster shell. As I always say, presentation is everything.

Baked Clams | Don Peppe’s Vesuvio (Ozone Park, NY)

You might be tempted to order pasta at this Italian favorite, but if you don’t get the baked clams, you’re doing it wrong. The clams are tender with a crisp breadcrumb coating and a hint of garlic. We’re talking some of the best seafood of your life.

Caviar & Soft Scrambled Egg Stuffed Potato | Fidel’s

When it comes to caviar, a little is all you need. Combined with soft scrambled egg and a savory baked potato, this is a unique but perfectly balanced dish that will leave an impression.