Bethenny’s Bites: Dim Sum

People often ask me for restaurant recommendations in NYC and beyond, so I’m sharing some of my favorites in a little something I like to call “Bethenny’s Bites.” This is only the best of the best – worth every mile, every penny, and every bite.

I’ve traveled around the country (and the world) to get a good meal — but on last night’s RHONY, Carole and I didn’t even have to leave New York City to find some great dim sum. I got a ton of tweets asking about the restaurant, so I decided to share a few of my favorite dim sum spots in NYC.

The place you saw last night was good, but there are some truly amazing ones. If you have to go up an escalator into a massive banquet hall where you are virtually entering China, this is a good sign. You will be seated next to strangers. The less English you hear being spoken, the more authentic the place probably is.

Tip: It may seem counter-intuitive, but dim sum is a mid- to late-morning treat. If you are squeamish about seeing rare body parts like tripe or chicken feet, then go to Panda Express.

Here’s my guide to dim sum in the city. (P.S. If you’re headed to Chinatown, you’ve gotta stop by Chinatown Ice Cream Factory, too. They have so many flavors and all of them are amaze. I promise not to judge you too much if you go with chocolate.)

Golden Unicorn

This place has been around since 1989, and for good reason. They have a huge selection of savory and sweet dumplings in every flavor you can think of. The presentation is also unbeatable. I mean, how could you not want these egg custard piglet buns?

dim sum bethenny frankel

Dim Sum Go Go

Located right in the heart of Chinatown, Dim Sum Go Go is another one of my favorite spots. The dumplings are great, and they also have some good vegetarian options like spinach, mushroom, or soybean dumplings.

Peking Duck House

The name says it all. You’ve gotta try the peking duck, which has crisp skin and comes with housemade pancakes. But as far as the dumplings go, the pork ones are best. Steamed or fried, you can’t go wrong.

Congee Village

Congee is a traditional porridge dish made with boiled rice and water. It’s definitely worth a try, but I go here for the dim sum. They have great traditional flavors and unbeatable prices.

Nom Wah Tea Parlor

When a place has been serving dim sum since 1920, you know it’s gotta be good. The house special is a roast pork bun that is life-changing. The soup dumplings are also beyond.

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