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Bethenny’s Bites: Dessert

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know it all – but I do know food. I’ve traveled around the country (and the world) just to get a good meal. I mean, I produce a show called Food Porn – and if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

People often ask me for restaurant recommendations in NYC and beyond, so I’m sharing some of my favorites in a little something I like to call “Bethenny’s Bites.” This is only the best of the best – worth every mile, every penny, and every bite.

Dessert is the definition of saving the best for last. From classics like cookies and ice cream to more unique desserts like tartufo, I love a little bit of everything – though I’ve gotta say, I do have a soft spot for chocolate.

Whether you’re capping off a delicious meal with something sweet or treating yourself to an afternoon snack, remember that a little indulgence goes a long way. Sharing with friends is a good way to try a few bites of everything. Choose your desserts carefully to make ‘em count.

Here are a few of my go-to desserts:

Marshmallows | The City Bakery

If you think marshmallows are nothing special, you’re in for a big surprise. City Bakery makes ‘em like little square pillows – and believe me, if I could get a full-sized one for my bed, I would.

Ice Cream | John’s Drive-In (Montauk, NY)

The homemade ice cream alone is worth the trip to Montauk. From the classics to exciting flavors like apple pie, they do ‘em all and do ‘em well. Plus they have sprinkles… So what’s not to love?

Chocolate Cookies | City Cakes

Cookies are like pizza: they’re all good, but only a few are truly beyond. City Cakes’ chocolate cookies are one of the latter. The levels of flavor created by the three types of chocolate (bittersweet, white, and milk) and a dash of clove is special and perfect for fall.

Chocolate Fondue | Max Brenner

You’ve gotta love a good DIY dessert, and Max Brenner does it right. Try one of the Fondue for Two options – you’ll get your own pot of delish melted chocolate and a ton of fab foods to for dipping. We’re not talking just fruit, either. Think tutti frutti waffles, marshmallows you can roast yourself, and more. This is one of the Peanut’s favorites.

Tartufo | Nick & Toni’s (The Hamptons)

If you haven’t had tartufo, this is the best place to start. It’s an Italian ice cream dessert that will change your life. Nick & Toni’s version combines chocolate, hazelnut, caramel, and almond flavors for a dessert that’s the perfect fusion of textures and taste.

Chocolate Cake | Beauty & Essex

I think this one speaks for itself. We’re talking devil’s food layer cake with vanilla mascarpone filling and milk ice cream. If death by chocolate is a real thing, this is the way to do it.

Red Velvet Cake | Two Little Red Hens

Red velvet cake is a classic, and this one is unbeatable. Not too sweet, with the perfect balance of cake and frosting. Simple and perfect.