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Bethenny’s Bites: Appetizers

Contrary to popular belief, I don’t know it all – but I do know food. I’ve traveled around the country (and the world) just to get a good meal. I mean, I produce a show called Food Porn – and if that doesn’t say it all, I don’t know what does.

People often ask me for restaurant recommendations in NYC and beyond, so I’m sharing some of my favorites in a little something I like to call “Bethenny’s Bites.” This is only the best of the best – worth every mile, every penny, and every bite.

First up, appetizers. In my opinion, these are seriously underrated. You can order some small bites to share before your meal or just get a few appetizers and make a meal out of those instead. It’s a good way to try a few bites of everything or have just a taste of something more indulgent.

Here are a few of my favorite appetizers:

Onion Rings | BLT (57th Street)

Onion rings are a classic, so kicking things up a notch is important to set them apart. BLT on 57th Street knows their shiz. These are an absolute must.

Dill Dip | Round Swamp Farm House

Does it get any better than farm-style food in the Hamptons? Round Swamp’s selection of fresh and prepared foods, baked goods, and more is BEYOND. My top pick is the dill dip – creamy with just the right amount of herbs. It’s perfect for serving with cut veggies or crackers (or just eating a spoonful or two plain).

Truffle Fries | Ajax Tavern (Aspen, CO)

Topped with grana padano cheese and parsley, the truffle fries from Ajax can’t be beat. We’re talking the best fries of your life here. Nothing like coming in off the slopes to these beauties.

Homemade Potato Chips | Home Team Sports Bar (El Paso, TX)

If you follow me on Snapchat, you may remember me raving about the best homemade potato chips ever – a fab find in the El Paso airport of all places. These are insane. Salty and peppery, long potato slices in the perfect combo of tender and crispy.