Salad Inspiration: Baby Kale Summer Salad

Salads can be boring or they can make a whole meal. You might think it’s simple to make a salad but then again, if you never like the salads you make, maybe you aren’t adding the right combination of ingredients to make it special. On the other hand, if you fill a salad up with a pound of meat, cheese, and creamy dressing, you might like the taste but you know it’s not a good investment, and those big salads contain more calories than a steak dinner.

I have been playing around with different salad combinations a lot this summer. This has been one of my favorites. It’s filled with tons of greens and healthy ingredients.


– Baby kale
– Kale
– Romaine
– Radicchio
– Grilled corn
– Avocado
– Grape tomatoes
– Chickpeas
– Pinch of salt and pepper
Skinnygirl Dressing of your choice

Directions: Play around with the ingredients and add in as much of each as you prefer. Combine all of ingredients and toss.