fourth of july desserts

3 Last-Minute Fourth of July Desserts

Independence Day is here! Bring on the food, fireworks, and fun. If you’re looking for ways to add a little more red, white, and blue to your festivities, try one of these last-minute Fourth of July dessert ideas to sweeten up your celebration.

1. Firework Fruit Skewers

fourth of july desserts

Whether you call them fireworks or magic wands, this is one the kids will love. The assembly couldn’t be easier, either. Use a star cookie cutter to cut slices of watermelon, then skewer with a row of fresh blueberries and you’re all done.

2. Patriotic Cupcake Cups

fourth of july desserts

Presentation is everything, and the glasses for these desserts make for a great visual and easy serving. All you have to do is put some red, white, and blue M&Ms in the cup, then add your favorite cupcakes on top. Quick and easy.

3. Red, White, & Blue Parfaits

fourth of july desserts

Red, white, and blue parfaits bring that festive feel with zero guilt. Layer fresh strawberries and blueberries with low-fat vanilla yogurt, then garnish with a small swirl of whipped topping. You can add some granola if you want a little crunch.

Happy Fourth! xo

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