Yoga 101: Finding the Right Class
Yoga // 12.13.13 // Add Comment
If you're brand new to yoga, finding the right class you can be a little overwhelming. You might hate one, but love another. There is a type of yoga that works for everyone, depending on your strengths and goals. Here are some tips for choosing a class…
Workin' It!: Hottest Must-Try Fitness Trends
Yoga // 10.4.13 // 1 Comments
Bethenny and her close girlfriend Lisa Rinna recently let it all hang out, giving aerial yoga a try. What's the hottest new fitness trend in your town?
Take the Leap! Aerial Yoga Studios Around the Country
Yoga // 10.4.13 // 6 Comments
Were you inspired by Lisa Rinna and Bethenny to try aerial yoga? Here is a list of several studios that offer it around the country. 
More Tips from the Naked Yoga Instructor! How to Feel Sexy Anytime
Yoga // 09.11.13 // 5 Comments
Doing naked yoga is one way to get comfortable with your body really fast, but there are less revealing ways to feel sexy in your own skin.
Inside Bethenny's New Book: 3 Favorite Yoga Poses
Yoga // 08.21.13 // 1 Comments
Yoga is Bethenny's favorite way to exercise. It makes her feel relaxed, it works the kinks out of her neck, and it's like a mental reset.
5 Reasons You're Bugging Your Fellow Yogis
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You’re sweaty, smelly… and late to yoga? Oh, no. Don't be that girl. Here's how not to annoy your fellow yogis…
3 Yoga Poses for the Worst Cramps (PMSing) of Your Life
Yoga // 04.22.13 // Add Comment
Tender boobies, bloating, muscle aches…oh my, TMI. We have all been there. Celeb yoga trainer and blogger Kristin McGee is here to help you survive that most unfavorite time of the month.
Spring Clean Your Yoga Mat & Clothes
Yoga // 04.3.13 // 1 Comments
Sweaty, smelly, slimy... yogis, we all know our mat and gear are not always in sparkling shape, but it's spring and time to get it together.
Are Your Yoga Pants See-Through? Bethenny's Are Definitely Not
Yoga // 03.26.13 // 2 Comments
With all the chatter about Lululemon recalling a set of their yoga pants for being sheer, Bethenny proudly sported her favorite Hello Kitty PJs for her morning yoga.
Hot Arms for Spring: 3 Yoga Moves
Yoga // 03.22.13 // 2 Comments
Sleeveless season is fast approaching. Celebrity yoga trainer and blogger Kristin McGee has the only three yoga moves to tame your underarm jiggle.