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Lose Weight This Year with These Five Tips!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.29.14 // 1 Comments
Learn about David's diet tips and why the 8-hour diet may be the right one for you this year! 
Carson Kressley to the Rescue: 3 Fashion Mistakes to Easily Avoid!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.21.14 // 3 Comments
Bethenny welcomed "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy" veteran and fashion expert Carson Kressley to the show, and we didn't let him get away without telling us the three biggest fashion mistakes women make.
How to Get Into Business for Yourself
Are you thinking about making the move to self-employment? Check-out Bethenny's tips and make it happen!
Top 3 'Brablems' -- Solved!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.14.14 // 3 Comments
Are you experiencing #brablems? Is anyone really wearing the correct bra? Today we've found brablem solutions with the help of JCPenney!
Bethenny's Freezer Staples: Her List
Tips & How-Tos // 08.13.14 // 1 Comments
Are you using your freezer wisely? Most people don't use their freezer properly or enough. When was the last time a bag of salad went bad in your fridge? 
The #1 Thing to Do with Your Tax Refund
Tips & How-Tos // 08.11.14 // 1 Comments
The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, says your refund should be used to reach your financial goal for 2014!
Credit Score Myths and Facts… Revealed!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.11.14 // Add Comment
Learn all the facts you need to know about your credit score from The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox!
Tax ID Fraud: It's a Thing... and Here's How to Avoid It
Tips & How-Tos // 08.11.14 // 1 Comments
The Money Coach shares the number one thing all taxpayers need to look out for this year.
Can I File My Own Taxes?
Tips & How-Tos // 08.11.14 // Add Comment
Yes, you can… if you meet these guidelines, says Money Coach Lynnette Khalfini-Cox.
Retirement Savings Advice from The Money Coach!
Tips & How-Tos // 08.11.14 // 1 Comments
Looking for one more deduction this year? Lynnette Khalfini-Cox has the answer for you!