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Find Herbs and Essential Oils Online!
Tips & How-Tos // 07.30.14 // Add Comment
Turn your bathroom into the spa of your dreams with essential oils and herbs that you can order online!
Bethenny Shows You How to Shop Your Closet
Tips & How-Tos // 07.28.14 // Add Comment
If you have some time off this weekend, why not take the time to get organized? Use Bethenny's tips to shop your closet just in time for the holidays (and holiday sales!).
How to Walk in High Heels!
Fitness // 07.18.14 // Add Comment shoe queen Kamilah Barrett makes walking in high heels look easy. In this how-to video, she walks you through the steps for mastering a confident, sexy strut in any size heel!
Handy Ma'am's 'Use What You Have' Tips
Tips & How-Tos // 07.10.14 // 5 Comments
Olive oil shaving cream and mayonnaise silver polish? Handy Ma'am Janell-Inez Woodruff Smith shares tips on items you already have in the house that make great fixes for common problems.
Get the Look: Jeans Makeovers
Tips & How-Tos // 07.8.14 // 4 Comments
See the complete makeover looks for Suzie, Janet and Caitlin!
Perfect Pairing: Find the Right Jeans for Your Shoes
Tips & How-Tos // 07.8.14 // Add Comment
We asked Denise Caldwell for her take on the best jeans to pair with flats, boots and sexy heels. Her answers? Read on to find out. 
3 Products to Make Your Bathroom Feel Like a Home Spa!
Makeup // 06.23.14 // 4 Comments
According to QVC beauty and style expert Lisa Robertson, your dream of having a home spa is attainable… and it just depends on which luxurious-feeling yet affordable products you stock in your bathroom!
Ditch Your Debt in 2014!
Tips & How-Tos // 06.5.14 // 6 Comments
The number one tip to ditch your debt in 2014 is...
Style Diet Secrets: Drop 10 Pounds Instantly!
Tips & How-Tos // 06.5.14 // 2 Comments
Denise Caldwell shares her tips to drop 10 pounds from your look in an instant. 
Easy Cooking Tips for Self-Proclaimed 'Bad Chefs'
Tips & How-Tos // 06.3.14 // Add Comment
Chef Anne Burrell is here to teach Maggie that she really isn't a bad cook after all.