Wake Up Your Makeup with Mally Roncal
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Add highlighter to brighten your look as we ride out the winter blues!
Regret That Tat? Meet 'The Beast'
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Mom and teacher Stephanie came to Bethenny asking for help removing her "tramp stamp" she got at age 17. Lucky for her, Dr. Eric Seiger introduces what he calls "The Beast," the PicoSure laser, the most advanced technology in tattoo removal. Take a look!
Make Your Own Bath Salts!
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Make your own bath salts with sea salt to detoxify, cleanse your skin and de-stress from the day without breaking the bank!
How To: Make Your Own Eye Masks at Home
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Test Your Beauty Smarts!
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What kitchen spice can help treat breakouts? If you're looking to relieve a sunburn, should you apply guava or strawberries?
Skin-Brightening Facial Recipe
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Use this egg white and lemon wash to brighten your face quickly -- using what you have at home!
3 More Tips to Battle Tired Eyes
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Dr. Doris Day shares surgery-free alternatives to battle tired eyes. Plus, she shares an at-home, DIY recipe!
Test Your Beauty Smarts!
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Does tomato paste help lighten age spots? If you want to heal cracked cuticles, should you apply sour cream? Some of the best beauty fixes are found in your kitchen. Test your beauty smarts along with members of our audience!
Molly Sims Demonstrates Her Cellulite Cure
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Her skin is flawless... maybe this is why.
Deals or Duds?: Bethenny Puts Spa Products to the Test
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Bethenny and a viewer bravely try "as-seen-on-TV" spa products.