Plastic Surgery

Watch: Plastic Surgery Extremes, Explained
Plastic Surgery // 08.20.14 // Add Comment
Watch as a mom of 6, Lacey Wildd, talks about her triple L-cup breasts and why she's not done with her plastic surgery procedures… even though 100 doctors turned her down for her next breast augmentation.  
3 Things You Don't Know About Botox
Plastic Surgery // 07.7.14 // 2 Comments
Three things to consider about Botox maintenance, from Dr. Doris Day!
Is 21 Too Young to Get Breast Implants?
Plastic Surgery // 01.15.14 // 1 Comments
Tell us your thoughts about when plastic surgery is acceptable, if ever.
Extreme Plastic Surgery Debate
Plastic Surgery // 11.14.13 // 10 Comments
Watch two men who have had hundreds of plastic surgery procedures debate with a clinical psychologist about whether they have an addiction to plastic surgery. 
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Bethenny's Boob Job
Plastic Surgery // 07.16.13 // 1 Comments
In a conversation about breast size, Bethenny opened up about the two procedures she's had done.
Crazy Question: Can Breast Implants Pop?
Plastic Surgery // 06.24.13 // Add Comment
When Bethenny had Dr. Raj on to answer everyone's health questions during last summer's test run of the show, this audience member (with the coolest tattoos, by the way) asked if her breast implants could pop on a flight from the air pressure.