Tips to Organize Like Bethenny: Use What You Have
Interviews // 07.10.14 // 1 Comments
While visiting "Ellen," Bethenny shared her favorite economical, green and super-simple tips for getting your home in order for spring. 
Find Out What Cynthia Thinks About Kenya Texting Phaedra's Man
Interviews // 07.2.14 // Add Comment
When Bethenny has Cynthia Bailey on the couch, you know she's going to ask her what she thinks about Kenya texting Phaedra's man!
Photo Gallery: Kate Gosselin and Her Kids Today
Interviews // 06.16.14 // 3 Comments
You watched Kate Gosselin's eight kids grow up on television. Now, we have updated photos from Kate's new book to give you a sense of their lives today.
Photos: It's a 'Meta Moment' – Andy Cohen is Here!
Ask Bethenny // 06.10.14 // 1 Comments
Tune-in Monday, October 14 to watch Andy Cohen surprise Bethenny! 
Why JWoww Hasn't Seen The Situation in a Year!
Interviews // 06.3.14 // Add Comment
In a candid chat with Bethenny, "Snooki & JWoww" star JWoww says she hasn't spoken to her old friend Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino in a year. His battle with drug addiction, which he attributes to meds he took to cope with pain from injuries during…
Snooki Confesses: "I Want Four Babies!"
Interviews // 01.1.14 // 1 Comments
The secret's out… Snooki told Bethenny she wants a big brood of kids, and after she gets married next year, it's time for another bun in the oven!
Melissa Joan Hart Explains It All to You!
Interviews // 11.5.13 // Add Comment
Listen to Melissa Joan Hart talk about her history in this excerpt from her audiobook.
Rosie Perez on the 25th Anniversary of 'Do the Right Thing'
Interviews // 11.1.13 // Add Comment
It's been 25 years since Spike Lee's "Do the Right Thing" shook up Hollywood, and Rosie Perez is reflecting on the anniversary.
Love Fest with Lea Michele
Interviews // 06.17.13 // Add Comment
A great memory from the summer test (we passed, the show is launching September 9th!) was having Lea Michele on my show.
I'm Still Loving Hilary Duff
Interviews // 06.7.13 // 1 Comments
I feel like Hilary Duff was a little Disney kid like 10 minutes ago, but we had this totally grown-up conversation when she visited my show last summer about breast-feeding and losing the baby weight: