In the Bedroom

Make His Head Spin: Kissing How-Tos
In the Bedroom // 07.15.14 // 5 Comments
Kissing expert William Cane appears today on “bethenny” and gave us a few more kissing how-tos that can steam up your lip-lock routine, whether you’re going in for a first kiss with someone new or smooching someone you’ve known…
To Do and Not to Do: Tionna Smalls' Bed Etiquette!
In the Bedroom // 07.3.14 // 3 Comments
Tionna Smalls shares the "rules to the game of bed" with Bethenny, Adrienne and Joey!
Bethenny's Men's Panel: How Often Do You Have Sex with Your Wife?
In the Bedroom // 06.26.14 // 1 Comments
The "bethenny" Men's Panel, Boris Kodjoe, Chuck Nice, and Gary Owen, didn't hold back when it came to revealing how many times they have sex with their wives in a week. Listen to what they said!
#1 Thing Men Want from Women in Bed
In the Bedroom // 06.25.14 // 4 Comments
What's the number one thing a man wants in the bedroom, but is too afraid to ask his woman? Bethenny's all-star man panel is tackling the questions women want answered!
Sex Tape by Porsha: Does She or Doesn't She?
In the Bedroom // 03.24.14 // 1 Comments
"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Porsha Williams reveals more than expected in a game of "Would You Ever?"
Naming Your Private Parts: Normal or Nuts?
In the Bedroom // 03.20.14 // 2 Comments
In a relationship, we sometimes do things that seem cute to us, but men think are just plain crazy. We're talking pet names for your man's private parts -- is it normal or nuts? Our panel weighs in...
Is Sex Better with Someone You Love?
In the Bedroom // 03.19.14 // 1 Comments
Our panel gets into it over the topic that never gets boring: Sex!
Sex and Scandal on MTV's 'Are You the One?'
In the Bedroom // 03.18.14 // Add Comment
The cast of MTV's most ambitious dating experiment and reality show, "Are You the One?," dish on what it was like in a house with 20 very attractive singles with only on mission: to find love.
When Is Too Early to Send a Naughty Text?
In the Bedroom // 03.18.14 // Add Comment
When is too early in a relationship to send a sexy text or photo? On today's show, Bethenny's celebrity panel breaks down relationship timelines.
Is Sex Better for Mario Lopez at 40?
In the Bedroom // 01.6.14 // Add Comment
The "Extra" hosts says at 40 he's "hitting his stride" in the bedroom.