She Liked Bethenny's Dress... and Walked Away with It!
On her “Calling All My Girls” tour, Bethenny met a woman who could not get over the amazing dress Bethenny was wearing. You know that feeling when you see a dress that would be perfect for you? It was that. Times a hundred.
The Best Videos from the 'Calling All My Girls' Tour
Bethenny had so much fun in every single city she visited this past summer on her “Calling All My Girls” tour.
Bethenny's Outfits on the Calling All My Girls Tour
The cute clothes Bethenny wore on this past summer's Calling All My Girls Tour generated almost as much buzz as the tour itself!
Cocktails in Chicago! Inside the Calling All My Girls Tour
Chi-town was the furthest thing from shy when Bethenny showed up to sign her new book, "Skinnygirl Solutions," meet sexy bachelors, and sip cocktails with all of her new girlfriends.
Hot in Cleveland! Inside the Calling All My Girls Tour
On the second to last stop on the Calling All My Girls Tour, Bethenny bonded with new girlfriends everywhere from bookstores to delis to the main tour event.
Cheers to Chicago! Inside the Calling All My Girls Tour
Bethenny breezed into the Windy City on the very last stop of the Calling All My Girls Tour, and there were hot bachelors, cocktails, and delish hors d'oeuvres for the taking.
Bethenny's Bachelors: Cuties in Cleveland!
Bethenny's bachelors from Cleveland included two professional athletes, the ultimate foodie, a personal trainer, a financial planner, a DJ, and a dentist. Sounds like she had all the bases covered!
Cleveland Rocks! Behind the Scenes on the Calling All My Girls Tour
Bethenny's six bachelors in Miami set the bar high when it comes to hot available men. She found a doctor who's into sex and food, a psychiatrist, an aspiring pilot, a model, a land-development exec, and the CEO of a swimwear line.
Not All Face Wipes Are Created Equal
After you've gone to the gym, or had a long day, you've gotta take your makeup off before you hit the pillow.
Calling All My Girls: Cleveland Hotspots!
Bethenny is crisscrossing the country on her Calling All My Girls Tour, and today it's Cleveland's turn!