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How to Handle Your 'Money Noise'
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Bethenny talks a lot about food noise, but many women experience money noise. Do you have an emotional relationship with money?
Are Women with Marital Problems 'Just Selfish'
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Dr. Janet's 3 Tips for Mending Your Marriage Today
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Are You Trying to Start Over? Tell Us Your Story!
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The #1 Thing to Do with Your Tax Refund
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The Money Coach, Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, says your refund should be used to reach your financial goal for 2014!
How To: File Your Taxes
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Lynnette Khalfini-Cox, The Money Coach, shares her thoughts on tax software currently available.
Retirement Savings Advice from The Money Coach!
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Tax ID Fraud: It's a Thing... and Here's How to Avoid It
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Can I File My Own Taxes?
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Yes, you can… if you meet these guidelines, says Money Coach Lynnette Khalfini-Cox.