Think Like An Entrepreneur & Build Your Empire

One of the core rules I live by in life is everything’s your business. You never know when a connection or experience might matter – and be exactly what connects the dots from now to everything you’re working toward.

This article Ashley Tisdale wrote for The Haute Mess sums up my philosophy. Treat everything you choose to do with as much importance as if your career depended on it – because someday, maybe even today, it might. Ashley is a girl after my own heart.

I stumbled across this article on 99u that gave some honest insight and hope for anyone working a job they hate. The article read, “Often we believe that only a lifestyle dedicated to our craft will bring success, but all you need is the dedication to work anywhere and at any given time.”

In translation, to eventually find a job doing what you’re passionate about, you’ve got to GRIND. Don’t take your current job for granted. See it as an avenue to build work and life skills, build relationships. After all, it’s what is paying the rent and adding stability to your life.

The article put it well; “Stop blaming your day job.”

To get to where you want takes hustle and grind before, during and after work hours. And while you may be constantly tired (coffee helps) you’ve just got to see the finish line.

Use every spare moment to build your empire.