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Don’t Believe in the “Next Big Thing”

One of the most important things every potential entrepreneur has to realize is that there is no “next big thing.” Everybody is dying to come up with the next big thing, but it doesn’t exist. Great ideas are everywhere but your idea has no power. Your business savvy, ambition, ability to read the market and find good people to help you, and intense follow-through with constant vigilance — those are the things that have the power to create a trend.

Even then, someone can knock off your next big thing, and it won’t be yours anymore.

Those guys who sued Mark Zuckerberg for stealing their idea didn’t get it. Who knows what actually happened, but the success of Facebook wasn’t about the idea. Mark Zuckerberg changed the world by making the idea happen, and I’m glad it was him. I live for Mark Zuckerberg. I don’t want to believe he stole anything and people talk cavalierly about it, but I also think it doesn’t really matter, because if those two putzes had made Facebook, they wouldn’t have changed the world. Mark Zuckerberg had the drive and innovation that nobody else had. The success of Facebook was about the execution. Arguably and unfortunately, being the best isn’t necessarily the deciding factor.

Sometimes, it’s about what kind of action you are capable of taking. The real next big thing is what you do with a good idea. Being first doesn’t matter.

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