big idea bethenny frankel

Your Big Idea: Worth About a Nickel

I am the queen of the brilliant idea. I have had a million and five great ideas, and I mean really great ideas, money-making, revolutionary, billion-dollar ideas. But guess what? A great, money-making, revolutionary idea is worth about a nickel.

Having an idea is easy. Making an idea work is hard. It takes guts. It’s expensive. And it’s a hell of a lot of work. It’s also risky.

So don’t get pompous and think you are Einstein because you are full of great ideas. (And I can only say this because sometimes I think I’m Einstein because of my own great idea.) If you want credit for your idea, you have to make it happen. Actualize it.

Sometimes this takes some research and consulting with others who know the field. Don’t be so secretive about your ideas that you never make them happen because you’re afraid someone will steal them. Executing ideas takes a lot of work, research, and often a lot of manpower. You may not be able to do it alone. Bounce ideas off people who can give you advice.

That doesn’t mean you should yell about it to everybody on the street. You have to be discerning, but do what you need to do to follow through. Otherwise, your great ideas offer no evidence that you are a genius. I can tell you 500 great ideas right now, but the idea is only 1 percent of what matters.

So get up and start making your ideas happen. Just pick one. One single billion-dollar idea, fully realized, is worth more than a billion unrealized ideas. And who knows, it would result in… what? A billion dollars? I think that sounds like something worth getting off the couch for.

This is an excerpt from A Place of Yes by Bethenny Frankel, available on