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Bethenny’s Career Tips: Stay in Motion

Never stop moving, changing, evolving, and getting things done. There is always something to do. You should never be sitting around on your ass doing nothing. Write about something. Start a blog about your business. Read the newspaper, because something in it will apply to you. Work on your website. Start writing a book. Get into social networking. Make your master list of everything you need to do on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Start a list of everything you want to accomplish this year. Organize your office. Go through your emails and file them into folders. Go through your phone list, get rid of old contacts, and update new ones. Clean out your wallet. Organize your receipts. Set up a better accounting system. Connect with people. Send thank-you notes. Get out there and network and say hello and shake hands. On those days when the work is piling up and you can’t get it all done, you’ll be so grateful you got these little things in place that will save you time and nourish your connections and reputation later.

That’s not to say you can’t take breaks or go on vacation. You have to do this so your brain can rest, but don’t waste your actual work time. Move quickly and make the most of it, so when it’s time to relax you can actually truly relax.

I’m known for adhering to deadlines and when I get a quick task, I do it immediately if it’s at all possible. If someone wants an article for a magazine, I’ll write it without agonizing over it. When my partners say they want new flavor ideas, I’m on it. I’ll do it in less than five minutes. If my partner at Skinnygirl wants new ideas for the protein bars, I come up with them instantaneously. When Skinnygirl Cocktails wants a new tagline for a campaign, I think of it on the spot. Procrastination is the thief of time, and time is the greatest commodity we have, so bang it out.

Your career is in your hands, so manage it like you would manage your very best, most influential, most powerful client. Because that’s exactly what you are.

This is an excerpt from Skinnygirl Solutions by Bethenny Frankel, available on