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4 Tips For Having A Productive Meeting

Holding meetings can be a great way to get together with your co-workers or clients and get shiz done – but if they aren’t run correctly, they can be unproductive and a big waste of time. If you want to avoid wasting your time or anyone else’s, follow these four tips to have a productive and worthwhile meeting every single time:

Invite the right people. Don’t you hate being in a meeting and feeling like you don’t need to be there? I mean, this is valuable time that you could be spending doing something more productive. That’s why it’s important to only invite people who need to be at a meeting and will actually provide value. Don’t invite people just for the sake of keeping them in the loop. Instead, have someone at the meeting who will take notes and can send out a summary. That way, everyone is informed and no one is wasting time.

Have a meeting agenda. The agenda should list all discussion items and note the overall goal of the meeting. Ideally, this should be sent out to attendees in advance so that everyone can prepare for the meeting and accomplish the desired goals.

Keep it short. People tend to use the amount of time they are given to accomplish a certain task. For example, if you schedule a meeting for an hour, people will use up the entire hour, even if something can be done in 30 minutes. Only schedule meetings for the amount of time needed to go through the agenda. Otherwise, the meeting will get dragged out and people may lose focus.

Communicate the next steps. This is the most important step to having a productive meeting. Before a meeting ends, tie up all loose ends by making sure everyone has a clear understanding what what needs to be done next, by whom, and by what date. By doing this, you are making sure things continue to move forward.

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