workday Bethenny Frankel

3 Tips For A Happier Workday

With the amount of time you spend working, it’s likely that your workplace is your second home. If this is the case for you, you want to do all you can so that you’re enjoying your workdays. After all, happiness in the workplace leads to increased productivity. This is always good for business.

Here are 3 tips you can use to have a happier a workday:

Wake up early. Take advantage of the early mornings to do something for yourself, before you head to the office. This is a great time to organize your day, complete a workout, or really enjoy that morning cup of Skinnygirl coffee. Doing something that makes you feel good before you do anything else will set the tone for a positive day.

Personalize your workspace. You want to personalize your workspace as you would your home, so you enjoy that space as much as possible. Put up pictures or décor that make you happy. Fresh flowers every now and then are also a great touch.

Make friends. Make an effort to find out more about your co-workers and build relationships with them. Having co-workers you can bond with or have lunch with will make workday more enjoyable, even on stressful days.

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