National Entrepreneurship Month: 3 Habits That Entrepreneurs Share

Business is hard, and being an entrepreneur is even harder. The difference between a want-trepreneur and an entrepreneur is simple – their habits. I’ve been involved in almost every aspect of my business, and I think it’s safe to say I kinda know it all when it comes learning how to prosper from life’s game of thrones. Believe it or not, many entrepreneurs share common habits to keep their head in the game.

Play The Personality Game

Entrepreneurs understand the value of playing the personality game. What I’m referring to is being able to move freely in any environment by leveraging your personality traits. For example, you’re in a meeting with a local retailer who is looking to bring in products managed by passionate players. Entrepreneurs make a habit to lead into these conversations being organized and consistent, which will let them know you’d be able to deliver results on time.

Go to Sleep! and Relax on the Regular

When I’m working, I’m all in. But when I’m not, I’m snuggling with my Peanut and my furry babies, going on beach walks, and living my life. When all else fails, take a break. Never feel guilty for indulging in a little R&R. A want-repreneur is someone with the mentality that sleepless nights will not affect your ability to make good judgement calls in business. Entrepreneurs make a habit of taking a breaks in between managing their responsibilities to live life a little.

Always On Time

Everybody falls into the realm of wasting time sometimes, but it shouldn’t become a habit. With everything you do, you have to make the best of it – because time is of the essence. Whether it’s cooking, sleeping, scheduling meetings, making phone calls, or heading to the gym for a quick workout, entrepreneurs make a note of how much time is needed for each task, prioritize their importance, and plan accordingly.

You can’t always control your environment, but what you can control is how you act within it. Entrepreneurs are very familiar with taking risks to achieve a greater outcome. Building good habits will keep you in line with your goals and increase your overall success as you approach the finish line.

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