Bethenny Frankel on ExtraTV

Why I’m Going Back to the Real Housewives…

Everyone has an opinion about why I’m returning to The Real Housewives of New York. But, we all know what they say about opinions. The only person that knows the truth is me, and the truth is, I have many reasons. After my talk show ended I didn’t see myself returning to television, I simply didn’t want the public scrutiny. Then, I realized if I didn’t return to TV, my exit wouldn’t have been my choice. That didn’t sit well with me. I like to do things on my own terms and returning to the Real Housewives was 100% my decision. The show gives me an opportunity to connect with my audience, and to inspire other women to live out their dreams.

I recently reflected on my decision to return in an interview with AJ Calloway of Extra TV, we also talked aBethenny Frankel on Extra TVbout my new book Skinnygirl Cocktails and dating after divorce. Watch the interview here.