RHONY Recap: Reunion Pt. 2

This one made me laugh. Let’s just say that I say some things, and when they air it, it is like hearing it for the first time. The Tom Cruise line made me giggle out loud, Ramona spastically trying to search for M&M’s, chocolates, nuts, or chicken made me laugh so hard. She doesn’t needs nuts. She is nuts enough for all of us.

Even though I love and forgive her, she had to be held accountable for her actions. From taking my property to lying about me cheating, she had to be checked. Based on a very kind voicemail she left me yesterday, she definitely feels remorse.

Dorinda and Kristen went at it a little bit. I split the difference here. John is handsy and over-the-top, but she can excuse herself. What is comical is Dorinda’s references to Moses and the Hunchback and storming the castle. She is very dramatic in a different kind of way that I like. Dorinda was playing a little bit of an innocent game, so she definitely had to be checked. She will party with the best of us, but Season 1 is a time to coast as a new Housewife. We let her slide. We had bigger fish to fry.

The damage with Luann and Carole runs deep and will never be fully repaired. I am friendly with both of them and Ramona, so I think I will have the unenviable task of getting them together.

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