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RHONY Recap: Ep. 8×14

Since I hadn’t been feeling well and the Skinnygirl Candy launch was so whimsical, it was a welcome distraction and so light and fun. I rarely have friends there, but Carole has been more and more interested in business, and I wanted her to see my hustle. Running a business really takes hard work. Anyone who isn’t in the trenches is just pretending.

Wow, did I enjoy the comedy in that dance scene. Ramonja does have its highlights. Those blondies were very cute. I love how they just owned it, and how Ramona is embracing her age versus trying to dance like the young kids do. They both looked great and when you’re having fun it is contagious.

Yeah, so now I have to listen to a conversation about Jules’ vagina, aka “pistachio.” I knew she was nuts. Now I know what kind.

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