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RHONY Recap: Ep. 8×13

Well we’re about halfway through the season. Last week was a more mellow episode not unlike that time on a rollercoaster when it is calm before it gets scary.

I liked this episode. I’m not much for dog weddings and touchy feely stuff. I like watching the crazy and we got a dose of that.

The pizza/calzone scene a.k.a .the Vagina Monologues was just nuts. We know is vajasian and vajewish but we needed graphic pictures to prove it. Whatever meds she’s on is not my business, but asking her to keep them away from the food shouldn’t be too much to ask. Lord knows that calzone was already crowded what with all the cutlery and stainless serving cups and all. I mean girl puleez.

As for her crying to Dorinda about my imaginary criticism of hers, keep it moving. Those meds have you paranoid. I have said so little about her.

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