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RHONY Recap: Ep. 8×05

So Jules shared that she suffered from an eating disorder in the past. This is rough for her and, from my perspective, for everyone around her. This took courage, and I hope she has gotten past it. It never really leaves you, and I haven’t seen Jules eat, so I’m sure this is a very complicated, layered issue. While it is not about me, I grew up surrounded by it, and this is a very sensitive area for me. It is why I wrote Naturally Thin, to help people with their “food noise” and unleash themselves from a lifetime of dieting. 

I enjoyed our conversation. I was apologetic about my rudeness. I did not know that Jules was dissing my “tiny” house in her interviews and to the other women. Jules and Michael are not old money. That notwithstanding, my understanding of new money behavior is to buy the biggest flashiest place you can find so people will see how rich you are regardless of whether it is even paid for. My understanding of old money is to be understated, not too showy, buy what you can afford and pay in full. I live in a restored farmhouse. Jules is in a McMansion with a pool in the living room. My idea of a retail experience is an afternoon at TJ Maxx. If that’s new money, I’m down with that. To be honest, I still can’t believe that I can pay my bills. I am definitely rather frugal. When you go from having nothing to being blessed, you have a lot of “money noise” and know that it can all go away in an instant. Maybe I’ll write a book one day about that.

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