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RHONY Recap: Ep. 8×04

I am a reality star on a reality show. Bravo asked me to return because they feel that I am honest, direct and don’t manufacture drama or edit myself. This episode is a brutally honest example of that. I always say: You may not like me, but you know you’re getting the truth. I will forever stand by my tagline. You will also see that if I say or see something, it usually comes to fruition–often before the audience or the other Housewives see it. Please refer to my eight years on reality television.

I felt for Dorinda but perhaps a little bit too late. Perhaps I don’t like or trust John or his influence on Dorinda. I have made that clear. Last week he attacked my personal life and the business that I created from scratch when I was broke. This is when I become like a lion protecting its young.

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