RHONY Recap Ep. 18

The model casting scene was possibly one of my favorites all season. I really appreciate the women on the show so much, and Heather was downright hilarious when her “pits started sweating.” She was trying to be so positive and supportive, but you could tell she has experience and had never heard of this fashion plan before. You also gotta love when the person running the meeting is 20 minutes late. This is why real actors hate reality stars–because you can’t write this sh–, and it is beyond ridiculous and entertaining.

That cast of characters in that random conference room was hilarious. It’s like some secret retail society that no one is cool enough to know about or understand.

Well, evidently I do my best work at fashion shows. Years ago I called Luann a snake, and this time I called Ramona out for calling me a cheater during a relationship 20 years ago. It’s kind of ironic when a dress thief tells you you’re a cheater. So that was fun.

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