RHONY Recap: Ep. 16

I was excited for all of you to see my new apartment, and I can’t wait until you get to see the finished product. I know you will love it. After hearing Carole’s side of the stranger-in-the-bed story, I’ve never felt safer standing in the middle of the road.

Ramona was vintage Singer. She donates eight necklaces but wants to hog the press for her brand. FYI, I donated product for the gift bags but declined the need to be on the step and repeat sign and asked for nothing in return. You need to pick your spots. Ramona chooses them all. Heather was on point. As far as Dorinda’s apology and Heather’s acceptance, I understand Dorinda’s point. Accept it and move on, unconditionally. Heather had a vibe that was still hanging on to the apology. It seemed the acceptance had strings. Congratulations to Kristen on the event, the speech, and raising awareness. Good job.

Regarding Doctor Amadour, this man is smart. He knows me. Whatever he says is probably at least somewhat true. I’m a complicated cookie. That is no secret. I’ve had an interesting life and past, and therapy is an amazing tool for owning your stuff, becoming self-aware, and not being alone in your head.

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