RHONY Recap: Ep. 15

Well I certainly left in the nick of time. Turks was the trip that never ended. I’m renaming it #JerksinCaicos

So Carole gave me the recap that the Countess is back. I respectfully disagree. The old “uncool” countess doesn’t say, “Be cool” when naked men are throughout. Luann’s only issue was that she felt her friends were ratting her out trying to catch her doing something. Her issue wasn’t that she was trying to hide whatever took place for the eight hours prior to that moment. There is an important distinction. I like this Cool Countess way better. In a way, I’m the old Countess because I’m Switzerland on this one. I get being alarmed by a naked man, albeit not to the point of dramatic sobbing. I also get Luann’s perspective. Phew. I dodged a bullet on that trip by leaving.

And while it was crazy, I came back liking everyone. Hell, I’d be crazy enough to go away with them again. Maybe it’s me who has changed.

That Dorinda dinner was nuts. More about that on my blog —> Here.