RHONY Recap: Ep. 12

Turks, here we come. Put us on an island and just add water, and the craziness begins!

Let me back up and clean up the Kristen mess. I said it best at Luann’s party: I may have an opinion on the choices that someone makes in business, but that doesn’t mean that I’m going to walk up and get in someone’s face about it.

If Kristen had something she wanted to discuss with me or ask me, there is a way to do it. Starting with a negative tone certainly doesn’t motivate me to have a conversation. Kristen is a beautiful and fashionable girl who cares a lot about looking pretty, and no doubt she knows a lot more than I do about nail polish. I wish her all the luck and success in the world. I am no expert in anything. I just go by my personal experience and my gut.

If you want my opinion on the Turks, well you can read that on my blog.