RHONY Recap: Ep. 13

Well this episode was fun. This is pure comedy to me. Ramona aka “the apologizer” is some piece of work.

I really do feel her pain in her divorce. How can I comment on a life with someone spanning a quarter of a century? I cannot really judge. They say it is bad luck to wear someone else’s shoes. It is most definitely bad form to really understand unless you have walked in them, which I haven’t.

I’m glad I got to calm it all down with Kristen. I own my stuff. I am guarded and difficult to get to know. If you only knew what I was enduring personally then you might understand. But, I don’t expect anyone to worry about me. I’m a survivor and, as I said, we all have our stuff. Sometimes Ramona forgets that she isn’t the only one dealing with something.

As for my poolside tiff with Ramona, there’s more on that in my blog.