RHONY Episode 2: I Was a Little Intense

Well, I guess this episode is why the promos say, “The B is back.” I was a little intense in this episode. It was slightly overwhelming walking into a new dynamic of eight women. I run in smaller circles, and I’m fairly guarded when it comes to new people.

I have had some negative interactions with Ramona in the past, and I did not know what to expect. Ramona was hilarious by the fence. Between Ramona and myself, I’m not sure who is crazier! You know Ramona wears granny panties, since she was so defensive. Maybe now that she’s single, she’ll step it up! It’s also nice to see Ramona being a little more humble and calm. What she has gone through seems brutal!

I’m so happy for Luann. Her house is charming, and I love how happy it makes her. The Hamptons is a special place, and I can relate to her finding her sanctuary outside of the city. I have to say, she looks better than she ever has, and none of us are getting any younger.

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