zero fucks notebook bethenny frankel

Remind Yourself to Give “Zero Fucks” With Style

Sometimes it’s hard to remember all the things you give zero fucks about. Let’s be honest – it’s a lot. Remind yourself of all the things worth not caring about by writing them down in a new “Zero Fucks” notebook.

zero fucks notebook bethenny frankel

I’m obsessed with these notebooks, which will help you own your “zero fucks” attitude with style. Need some inspiration? Here are just a few ideas for what you can write down in yours…

1. The things on your to-do list that are definitely not getting done.
2. Reminders to give your face a break every once in awhile. Zero makeup, zero fucks.
3. Ideas and sketches – because you don’t have to care how well they turn out.
4. Favorite quotes that remind you to let it go and live your life.
5. All the things you’ve been able to do with your life since you started owning your new attitude.

Whatever you decide to write in yours, make them look at you and say:

zero fucks notebook bethenny frankel

You can get your own “Zero Fucks” notebook here.

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