My CupcakeMag Photo Shoot

I had so much fun shooting the cover of CupcakeMag! It was great to catch up with Casi Densmore-Koon, Editor-In-Chief of the magazine, and to work with her amazing team. We talked about everything, including living out my dreams, being an entrepreneur, mother, and author, and my new book Cookie Meets Peanut. It’s the first children’s book I’ve ever written, inspired by my diva dog and my little Peanut. I want to thank the team over at CupcakeMag for making me laugh so much that it didn’t even feel like work, and I’d also like to thank them for making this shoot a success: You all did an amazing job!

Check out my CupcakeMag cover, interview and exclusive behind-the-scenes images here.

[Photo Credit: Sara Kerens]