How To Self-Publish

As you may know, I recently released my latest book, I Suck At Relationships So You Don’t Have To, which features no-nonsense relationship advice and candid personal stories from yours truly. Writing this book has really allowed me to open up about something that is important to me. I’m all about speaking my mind and pursuing my passions in life and I want you to be able to do the same. Self-publishing is a simple, sometimes lucrative way for a savvy businesswoman with a yen for writing to convert a lifelong passion into a done deal… or even to make a living at it. Follow these four steps to help guide your journey to self-publishing.

#1 Hire an Editor
You’ll never see your own errors, and you need a spotless manuscript.

#2 Decide Your Platform
Research where you want your book sold, then choose Createspace, KDP, or use a combination for maximum exposure. You’ll want to know what genre you’ve written so you can plug that into the program’s meta data. Most publishing programs will offer a cheap and easy way to design your own cover, as well.

#3 Pick Your Price Point
See how much similar books are selling for, and consider what price point will give you the maximum number of sales.

#4 Promote It
You’ll have to decide if you want to sit back and let your book find (or not find) its own readership, or if you’ll do things like build a website, promote on social media, and solicit reviews.