workspace essentials

Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Get Organized with These Workspace Essentials

Time to get your shiz together. Because it’s never too late for a little spring cleaning, here are some of my favorite finds for your workspace.

Get Organized: If you’re going to get anything done, you need to know where your stuff is. Cut the clutter. You don’t need it. Indulge in some cute organizing trays or containers, commit to a color scheme, and put your papers and supplies – essentials only – where they belong.

workspace essentials

Desktop Organizer                                                     Hammered Letter Sorter  

Write It Down: Even if you put your life on your smartphone, sometimes you just can’t beat a good handwritten idea. From lists to goals to contact info, keep all your thoughts in one place with a notebook that matches your style.

workspace essentials

“I Know It All” Notebook

Charge It Up: If there’s one time you definitely don’t want your phone to die, it’s when you have an important business call. Set up a charging station so your charger is always there when you need it. You can even find ones that will hide the cords – again, no clutter.

workspace essentials

Bamboo Charging Station

Go Green: Add some color and life to your desk with a small plant in a beautiful holder. Succulents are easy to take care of and don’t have any pollen, so they’re a great choice for any office.

workspace essentials

Pyramid Tabletop Terrarium

Do you have any other helpful hints or favorite finds to organize your workspace? Let me know in the comments.

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