bethenny's favorite finds jet lag

Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Make Jet Lag Your Bitch

Jet lag can absolutely destroy the first day of your trip and the first day home again if you aren’t careful. On short trips, it can wreck your whole experience. But it doesn’t have to! Get control and minimize the damage.

One of the best ways to do this is to have what you need. I always take these things with me on the plane:

– Facial toner spray.
– A mini makeup bag, hair tie, and brush. It feels good to refresh your face and brush your hair and pull it back after a long flight.
– Hand sanitizer. If you go in that disgusting bathroom or touch anything around you, use it before you touch anything on yourself, especially your face. Planes are germy.

bethenny's favorite finds jet lag

                                       Vitamin Hydrating Mist                    Cosmetics Case                      Organic Hand Sanitizer  

– Wipes. Use after the hand sanitizer, just in case. These are also good for wiping up smudged eye makeup after sleeping.
– Under-eye moisturizer. I usually bring a cream, a gel, or the kind with the roller ball that cools and depuffs.
– Healthy snacks.

bethenny's favorite finds jet lag

                                 Coconut Water Cleansing Wipes        Every Day Eye Cream            Skinnygirl Protein Bars

– Moisturizer for face and hands.
– Lip balm and breath mints.
– Feminine wipes. Who knows what you’re going to do at your destination? Wipe your wazoo.

bethenny's favorite finds jet lag

                                   Energy-Boosting Moisturizer                 Rosebud Salve                       Cleansing Cloths

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