bethenny frankel tools for your home bar

Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Tools for Your Home Bar

Whether you’re serving a signature cocktail to a crowd or just mixing up a margarita for yourself, having a well-stocked bar makes drinking well at home so much easier. It also saves time and money while you’re entertaining: you’ll already have what you need to mix your signature cocktail, people can pour their own drinks, and you won’t have to pay a bartender.

Here’s a list of things that are useful to have, but don’t feel like you need to get them all at once. Collect them over time, and you’ll end up with a home bar that makes whipping up your favorite Skinnygirl cocktails a breeze.

– Glasses. Rocks glasses are my go-to glass. They’re not too big, and they work for almost any drink. All-purpose glasses with a stem also work well for both wine and cocktails. It’s nice to have a few other options around, like tall (highball) glasses and martini glasses, for serving special drinks, but it’s not strictly necessary.

– A pitcher, for serving drinks to a group.

– An ice bucket, for when people are pouring their own drinks.

– A small cutting board or bar board, for cutting fruit.

bethenny frankel home bar tools

– A sharp knife, for cutting lemon and lime wedges and peels.

– A cocktail shaker. This isn’t a must-have, but a shaker comes with most bar tool sets. They are great for making delightfully cold cocktails.

– A muddler. I like the natural wooden ones, but they come in different materials like metal, too. You can use them to muddle berries, mint, citrus, or whatever you want, to add flavor to your drink. It’s not absolutely necessary, but it’s fun.

– A long-handled mixing spoon. These are usually long silver spoons, and they often come in bar tool sets. But use any spoon that’s long enough to let you stir drinks in a shaker or pitcher.

bethenny frankel home bar tools

– A cocktail rimmer. This makes rimming a glass with salt or sugar super easy. You can also do it in a small plate, but a rimmer allows you to store the salt/sugar in between uses.

– Reusable ice cubes or whiskey stones. These are nice to have when you don’t want melting ice diluting your drink.

– A corkscrew. Choose any kind you like and know how to use.

– Cute cocktail napkins. These are really convenient to have, and they also add a nice touch of color to any bar cart.

bethenny frankel home bar tools

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