Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Holiday Entertaining Must-Haves

I believe in celebrating, not just when you entertain, not just for the big holidays, but for little reasons too. Celebrate a good report card, the opening of a school play, a promotion. Make a big deal about St. Patrick’s Day, the Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day. This is especially important if you have kids, but even if you don’t, why not be that person who loves to celebrate each new season and all the little things too? It’s fun to get into the mood for the season. Celebrating is one of those things that makes life sweeter, and celebrating with kids makes it even better.

Whenever there is an event, I like to change up the house with decorations, just to get everyone in the spirit. Here are some ideas for how to enliven your home for the holidays and new seasons.

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Glasses and dishes. Do you have special ones for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, birthdays? Or themed platters and bowls?

Holiday Hoot Bowl  |  Metallic Leaf Plates   |   Snowman Dinner Plates

Bowls of seasonal fruit (pumpkin, apples, lemons, depending on the seasons).

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.49.55 AMDecorative Twig Bowl  | Ribbon Crystal Bowl  |  Stainless Steel Bowl

Bowls of colorful candies. There’s a candy to match any occasion, like jellybeans in seasonal colors or red and green M&M’s for Christmas.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.51.13 AM           Chloe Bowl  | Chalk Script Bowls  | Winterberry Candy Bowl

Fresh flowers. Seasonal bouquets are easy to change out, and many places, like grocery stores, and even drugstores, have inexpensive bouquets or potted plants, like amaryllis in winter, poinsettias at Christmas, roses on Valentine’s Day, daffodils and tulips in spring. A bouquet of flowers only costs a few dollars and can feel festive.

 Gold Decorative Vase  | Crystal Rainfall Vase  |  Plated Gold Vase

Always store your holiday decor neatly and carefully so you can preserve quality items from year to year. Keep everything in clearly labeled plastic boxes in storage.

Screen Shot 2015-11-06 at 10.54.20 AM 32 Gallon Storage Tote  |  Collapsible Storage Tote