restroom Bethenny Frankel

Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Elevate Your Restroom

When it comes to home decor, your restroom should not be overlooked. Between daily showers, your beauty regimen, and getting ready, it’s a place in your home where you likely spend a lot of time. With all that goes on in there, it’s important to transform your restroom into a space that that you love. Personally, I like to have my restroom feel like I’m stepping into a spa. This is easy for anyone to do with just a few simple enhancements.

Here are some of my favorite items that I use to elevate my restroom for a clean, spa-like feel:

Glass Dispensers

Transferring hand soap and lotion into glass dispensers is a clean and elegant want to display your favorite products.

Luxe Towels

Invest in thick, high-quality bath towels, washcloths, and hand towels. Keeping a few nice towels on display will add an element of texture and luxury in the restroom. Just make sure they are folded or hung neatly.

Statement Mirror

Replacing the standard restroom mirror with your own statement mirror over the sink or vanity is not only a great way to showcase your personal style, but can transform the entire look for your restroom. Think of your mirror as a piece of art.

Bath Rug

A bathroom isn’t complete without a rug that harmonizes with your towels and other decor. Bath rugs add comfort for bare feet and make a restroom look and feel more inviting.