Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Dishware Essentials

You don’t need as much dishware and glassware as you might think. If you don’t have a complete set of dishes or glasses or coffee cups, give away what you have and start over, or complete the set. Get rid of the rest. You don’t need thirty “Good Golfer Dad” mugs, college shot glasses, and Heineken pint glasses, or even one chipped coffee mug, plate, or bowl. Get rid of everything with a chip, crack, label, or advertisement and anything promotional. Put them all in a box and donate them.

You don’t have to be too rash. Don’t get rid of stuff you really will use that is in good condition. If you plan to have a second home someday, or you want to save things for when your kids move out, then go ahead and box up and store them. Or give items you aren’t using as gifts to someone who can use them. But the crap? Be ruthless. You’re moving on.

When you’re ready to streamline your collection, you can find good quality without spending a lot. All you really need is:

– A good set of everyday drinking glasses.
– A good set of acrylic or plastic drinking tumblers for your kids to use and for you to use in places like on your bedside table, where you wouldn’t want to risk knocking over something made of glass.

bethenny's favorite finds bethenny frankel dishware glassware essentials

                                                                      Telford Tumblers                                   Acrylic Bubble Tumblers

– A good set of all-purpose cocktail glasses.
– A good set of wine glasses. If you have limited space, get dual-purpose glasses that will work for white and red wine. If you have eight and four get chipped, toss the chipped ones and say you have a set of four, or buy four more.
– A good set of champagne glasses.


Double Old-Fashioned Glasses                        Unbreakable Wine Glasses                        Dot Toasting Flutes

– One good set of dishes for daily use. Optional: Another set for special occasions, but this is totally not necessary because you can use a nice set every day.
– One good set of flatware.

bethenny's favorite finds bethenny frankel dishware glassware essentials

               Square Dinnerware Set                               Stainless Steel Flatware Set

Toss all the randoms and maintain what you have. If you’re missing something or you need more of something, go straight to Ikea. Buy eight champagne glasses for eight dollars and be a real big shot.