Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: Blossom Vegan Bakery

I’d like to think that I’m a bit of a dessert connoisseur. I know a good dessert when I see it and whenever I go into Blossom Bakery, I’m overwhelmed with delicious treat options. Every single thing they offer is awesome which is why Blossom is one of my “Favorite Finds.”

blossom bakery nyc bethennyBlossom is a vegan, organic, and kosher certified bakery specializing in American and European classics as well as their own unique pastry creations. Everything Blossom Bakery makes is vegan, meaning their recipes do not use animal products such as butter, milk, or eggs. To most, those ingredients seem like essential elements to creating delicious baked treats but you’d be surprised by all of the recipes Blossom is able to create without them.

I’ve tried so many things on their menu from double chocolate brownies to salted caramel truffles and apple crumb blossom bakery nyc red velvet cupcakepie; it’s all amazing. Not to mention, their red velvet cupcakes are BEYOND. Props to their head pastry chef, Quinn Ventura. Girl, you’ve got it going on.

However, keep in mind that just because everything is vegan, that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. Desserts and sweets are a part of life so have a few perfect bites of what Blossom has to offer and savor them until your next visit.

Blossom Bakery is located at 174 9th Ave New York, NY (between 21st St. & 20th St.) but they also have a small selection of their products available at Whole Foods Market in Union Square and Tribeca. Check it out and tag me on Instagram (@BethennyFrankel) or Twitter (@Bethenny) to let me know what you think!

blossom bakery nyc bethenny

Photos via Blossom Bakery Instagram