Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: American Horror Story Freak Show

Today I did a little shopping & picked up American Horror Story Freak Show on Blu-ray to help get me in the Halloween spirit. I’m all about my reality television (those are their own versions of a freak show) but American Horror Story is my guilty pleasure, which is why I’ve chosen to make it this week’s BFF (Bethenny’s Favorite Finds).

If you didn’t see this last season, it follows the lives of a twisted family in an eerie Florida town in the fifties who belong to one of the last remaining freak shows. That alone sounds creepy af.

Freak Show is DARK. And creator Ryan Murphy is BEYOND. He is a genius and really stepped it up this season and Jessica Lange is always pure magnificence. I can’t imagine the show without her, but I have a feeling Lady Gaga is going to kill it on AHS Hotel.

Until then, this is my life: Skinnygirl Lime & Sea Salt Popcorn, Cookie snuggles, and American Horror Story Freak Show. Just looking at this Blu-ray is giving me flashbacks to when I fed that weird clown an ice cream sandwich on RHONY. I know Freak Show is going to be even better watching it the second time around, especially with over 60 minutes of bonus footage!

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American Horror Story “Freak Show” is available now on Blu-Ray. Get your copy HERE.

ahs freak show     ahs freak show


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