face masks bethenny frankel bethenny's favorite finds

Bethenny’s Favorite Finds: 5 Face Masks to Help You Break Up With Winter

If you’re following me on Snapchat, you know that winter and I have a very on and off relationship. We break up, we get back together… Let’s just say it’s complicated, and the crazy NYC weather does a number on my skin. If you’re ready to break up with winter, try one of these 5 face masks to get fresh and fab for your new fling with spring.

face masks bethenny frankel bethenny's favorite finds

ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment: Sometimes you’ve gotta get dirty to get clean. This mud mask is super hydrating and even includes natural ingredients like honey and ginger for extra detox benefits.

Oxygen Facial Flash Recovery Mask: As much as I love a good facial, sometimes I prefer to save time and money by doing a DIY facial at home. This mask refreshes your skin in just three minutes for a clean glow.

Purifying Mud Mask: If you’re prone to breakouts, you need a good detoxifying product that won’t be too harsh on your skin. This one is good for all skin types and will leave you feeling fresh and balanced.

Detox Face Mask: If you need a cleanser that’s both heavy-duty and gentle, this mask might be for you. The foaming gel cleans without irritating, and natural ingredients like almond extract and soy protein firm and brighten your skin.

Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial: There’s nothing better than a good two-in-one beauty product, and this one is the best of both worlds: a night cream and face mask. Basically, goodbye dark spots and goodbye winter.