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10 Tips For A Healthy And Happy New Year

New years resolutions were never really for me. There’s too much pressure to do one thing (and half the time it doesn’t even get done!). In 2015, just keep things simple and focus on what makes YOU happy. Here are a few things I did in 2014 that helped me make it through the year.

1. Turn your negatives into positives
Don’t let things get you down. We all hit roadblocks in life and the way we handle those situations are what define us. There is a positive side to every situation. Find that positivity and let it guide you in the right direction.

2. Work out where you are
No one will believe it, but I don’t belong to a gym. Who wants to go to a gym? I work out in my house in my pajamas and do yoga DVDs or the elliptical. You should do what you can where you are.

3. Don’t hate on yourself
If you’re beating yourself up, change the scenery. Do yoga, take a walk, take a nap, take a bath. Switch it up so you focus on other things.

4. Blow past your detractors
There are a lot of people who want me to fail, but I don’t deal with them. Stay in your own lane and keep moving forward.

5. Break out the good stuff
I used to go everywhere in sweats. Now I put on a cute outfit, because I have all this stuff in my closet that I never wear—what am I holding it for? A cute outfit makes me feel better—you never know who you’ll run into.

6. Slip in ‘me’ time…
I have one of those neck pillows with beads in it that you stick in the microwave and put around your neck. There are probably rats in there because I’ve had it for a decade. But it’s amazing and smells like chamomile and calms me down.

7. …But don’t forget the girls
When you have downtime, in a cab or an airport, call everybody, email everybody. And do a girls’ night where you can bang out a bunch of different friends at once!

8. Build a better to-do list
I have three: one is for food, one is for the house, and one is lifestyle, like I have to tailor a dress or go to the podiatrist. It helps to do by category.

9. Swear off bad-mouthing others
You know what’s a happiness zapper? Talking badly about other people. There’s something gross about it, and on some level, you know it. Because it says something about you, too.

10. Get your zzz’s every night
My lifelong goal is getting a good night’s sleep. I really think it’s the key to health.